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Video - Sany - January 09, 2017 [WDGirls]



Date: January 09, 2017
Length: 97 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - vomit

This time we took a professional porn star for a walk to a park - and we were wondering how this could end because Sany isn't used to drinking alcohol at all. She had a sharp start because she was drinking red wine even before our cameraman Jarda arrived. If there's something you should know about Sany... she's a nymphomaniac. She needs sex several times a day and she doesn't hesitate to use a vibrator if there is no "suitable" guy around. And as the bruises on her body suggest her boyfriend probably isn't very nice to her. Anyway, in the end of this video she was like a puppet and Jarda had to guide her to the couch. This project is special because after several experienced drinkers we finally came across a girl who is not used to boozing at all.

Customer comments on this video:
desTenyB5: Sany peeing scenes are absolutely fantastic. I like very much her tattoes, the final scene is very hot. The new year begin very well. Thanks to the staff !!! [January 09, 2017]
FermentedX: A very good video. Nice scenes of drunkeness. But please let Jarda do the camera work [January 09, 2017]
wdgirls: Jarda always does the camera work. Only in the end when the girl is wasted there has to be a male helping hand nearby - and our producer doesn't want to be in the video :-) So he's doing the camera work while Jarda is taking care of the girl. [January 09, 2017]
dribbledre: I think she did a good job.I like to see girls from Lw coming across and wish more would. [January 10, 2017]
souris: A very pleasant video. I would still better appreciate to see the model in nylons (stockings,pantyhose) . [January 18, 2017]
ramade: jeans and drunk is great - perhaps the girls will wear boots or heels so the staggering outside will be cooler... [January 19, 2017]
dribbledre: Would like to see more girls from Love Wetting on here getting very drunk. Most girls ot there would be good for here, but in particular i would like to see Sasha Zima,Caroline Ardulino and Anna Blackfox. [January 21, 2017]