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Video - Alice - January 01, 2017 [WDGirls]



Date: January 01, 2017
Length: 90 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - wasted - piss - smoking

Alice drank quite a dangerous amount of alcohol. Normally it's difficult to describe each video and this one is not an exception. But luckily I know something from the private life of this exceptional amateur girl. She has revealed that her parents were alcoholics and that's why she sometimes loses control of the situation. Watch how she's boozing this incredible mix of all kinds of alcohol. The craziest part (please focus on it!) is her slurred speech in the last phase. Another incredible scene is when she pees on the floor and then falls down into her own puddle. She even passed out for a while at one point so I think you guys are going to love that :-)

Customer comments on this video:
andyhf: You guys have a way of finding the most beautiful girls. Alice is gorgeous. Bring her back, get her drunker and get her to stagger more if you can.But she is gorgeous ! [January 01, 2017]
drunkgirl: Nice video. Alice is right the assisant is very hot, a project with her would be nice :) [January 01, 2017]
skeeter82: Great project ! good stagger and good drunkenness, Alice is perfect for that ! Please more stagger scene [January 01, 2017]
skeeter82: It would be also great that you bring back Dominika for nice stagger scenes ;) [January 01, 2017]
andyhf: Just watched again. WOW Alice is so sexy, and sure knows how to get drunk .Loved all the staggering and slurring.And the falling in her piss scene. More please ! [January 01, 2017]
dribbledre: A gorgeous girl so very drunk.I liked how you tried to keep her on her feet when she was clearly very unsteady on her feet. Would love to see both girls again in MDS projects of their own. [January 02, 2017]
scutterman: A truly amazing project, loved her levels of drunkeness. I just wish the cameraman could speak English, or failing that, do the whole thing in Czech with subtitles. [January 03, 2017]
scutterman: And if he struggles to speak Czech then it may be worth considering using another cameraman who can interact with the girls much better., [January 03, 2017]
scutterman: I know its not the cameramans fault, but it's getting quite irratiating as the only. English words he knows is "super" and "ok" [January 03, 2017]
wdgirls: Yeah, we wish our cameraman Jarda could speak English but he's studying it now, give him some time :-) He's still the best cameraman ever and he knows the girls well. Knowledge of foreign languages is not the highest priority in drunk fetish videos. [January 05, 2017]
jamu10: Awesome project. Love her slurring and stumbling! Would be nice to see more of her in another project. [January 08, 2017]
dribbledre: Would also like to see a project where the assistant gets unintentionally drunk also.Not as tottaly wasted as the star but still visibly drunk by mistake. [January 14, 2017]
souris: A very good video with a great stumbling. I would still better appreciate to see Alice in nylons (stockings,pantyhose). Maybe in a another project ? [January 18, 2017]