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Video - Alice & Katy - wasted daughter & mother - July 03, 2016 [MyDrunkenStar]

Alice & Katy - wasted daughter & mother

Alice & Katy - wasted daughter & mother

Date: July 03, 2016
Length: 103 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - wasted - piss - passed out - smoking

It's really difficult to describe this new MPV video. We have NEVER ever had both daughter & mother together in a drunk fetish video. Until today. Katy is a 41-year-old mother who often behaves like a friend to her daughter Alice. Both girls are alcoholics - that's a FACT. I can already reveal they have drunk six bottles of wine that afternoon (and a couple of beers before the shooting itself to feel more relaxed). They come from Moravia but they have a flat in Prague and sometimes stay there for a couple days. Today they got drunk in the restaurant and nearby park, they pissed on the pavement while people were walking by and they even spoke to some strangers. Alice was lying around on the ground, what an embarrassing moment! When they arrived back to the apartment I was already waiting for them and gave them some tasks. Poker face contest, chugging tasting of wine and drinking shots of wine from the floor. Alice was half-dead soon while her mother started masturbating! That was NOT agreed on nor planned, it was spontaneous! Katy was enjoying herself but all the wine has literally paralyzed her and she couldn't even stand up. In the meantime Alice passed out so we filmed some eye-checking and such. You will hardly believe how much these two ladies drank. This is one of the best and most 'hardcore' videos in the history of our website. Download before Katy finds out what she actually did :-) None of the ladies can remember what happened in the flat.

Customer comments on this video:
proton: Ladies, i hope we'll see us again. You're perfect. [July 03, 2016]
frodo666: Yes, really a great vid. Alice is fantastic and so is mother. Fantastic to see how they feels themselves without shyness. Freedom rules. [July 04, 2016]
tijdritten4: very very good indeed bring them back very soon great pair really good and perhaps next time more puking then its complete carry on this way [July 04, 2016]
dribbledre: Very good video would love to see both again. if they are really both alcoholics they should be easy to persuade to make more videos . [July 04, 2016]
dribbledre: Maybe a video where the mother gets naked also and they both have a secret mission to try to make the other one wet herself [July 04, 2016]
andyhf: would love to see these two ladies again in heels with a lot more staggering. [July 05, 2016]
dribbledre: I see Alice is the next promo hopefully Katy will make a solo project as well [July 05, 2016]
drunkgirl: nice one [July 10, 2016]
andyhf: Unbelievable .A mother turning her daughter into a drunk ! They are great together though. Mother was sexy as hell once she got tanked., More please ! [July 14, 2016]
Admin: We will try to hire Katy (Alice's mother) for her own solo video. Fingers crossed :-) It's a weird family... but we love these drunks :-) [July 14, 2016]
dribbledre: I'd like to see a sober Alice drop her off then meet her to help her home a few hours later when she is hopefully wasted. [July 15, 2016]
dribbledre: Also if we do see Katy i hope she gets naked or at the very least topless. she didn't show much in this video. [July 15, 2016]
dribbledre: Will you let us know if you do manage to hire Katy? [July 17, 2016]
Admin: I get to know about a new project the day when I'm asked to publish the new promo... so you will have the information the same day as I will. [July 18, 2016]
dribbledre: You must talk to your colleague can't you ask him yes or no [July 20, 2016]
Admin: I'm not in touch with my colleague on daily basis. But if he manages to film a video with Katy you/I will get to see the promo the same day, no delay. [July 20, 2016]
dribbledre: It would be great to see Katy in a project where she is tied up and Alice pours drinks down her throat as some sort of revenge/punishment for somethin [August 21, 2016]
dribbledre: also Alice not being able to resist and getting drunk herself also to such an extent that she doesn't realise how drunk Katy is getting. [August 21, 2016]
dribbledre: If not with these two perhaps with the sisters with Silvia being the one tied up. [August 21, 2016]
marcus8103: I'd also like to see a solo video with katy. She is fantastic: slurring speech, impaired movements, beautiful woman. [August 22, 2016]
dribbledre: I still think it would be great if you could persuade Katy to make a project for WDGirls. I think she would do a great job. [September 30, 2016]
Admin: There was a plan to have Katy in a solo video... I have no idea if/why it was abandoned. We leave the choice of the girls purely up to the cameraman. [September 30, 2016]
dribbledre: I thought you found it very difficult to get girls and then you plan one with somebody we all want and then don't shoot it . It doesn't make sense. [October 05, 2016]
Admin: It's always extremely difficult to get girls. If my colleagues didn't film Katy (and I know they did plan hiring her) it could mean Katy refused. [October 07, 2016]
dribbledre: Maybe you could try again with an offer she can't refuse (more money) [October 11, 2016]
16trulla05: Alice in an MDS Video please [October 25, 2016]
dribbledre: Would love to see Alice in an MDS project where you take her home and hand her over to Katy because Katy knows about you. [October 29, 2016]
dribbledre: Hopefully Alice will be very drunk with wet jeans when give her to Katy to look after. [October 29, 2016]
rostko: I have never seen such a horny project as with Katy. She is absolutely cool with 41 years, has a great body and a super horny pussy. [November 15, 2016]
dribbledre: Maybe if Katy won't make a solo project maybe she might make a WDGirls project with Alice.We still need to see Alice and also Sophia in MDS projects. [November 28, 2016]