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Video - Vanessa - totally wasted - November 19, 2015 [MyDrunkenStar]

Vanessa - totally wasted

Vanessa - totally wasted

Date: November 19, 2015
Length: 107 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - smoking

There's no need to introduce Vanessa to you. This 30-year-old kinky blonde woman has one advantage, she can drink large amounts of different types of alcohol and then she simply passes out somewhere. Her husband Libor has plenty of stories to tell - how she used to pass out with bare ass near the bar toilets or how she used to puke under the table. And Libor is here to get our camera to their flat where all the drinking orgies take place. When I was younger I used to hang around in shops (near the alcohol department), watch women buy their favorite alcohol and I was trying to imagine what they do with those bottles at home, how they get drunk. Libor and Vanessa bought a lot of alcohol today. Vanessa drank not only beers but also almost a whole bottle of wine and half of the bottle of the Tullamore whiskey. Vanessa does not drink, she boozes, she literally swallows liters of it. So this project should deliver everything you would expect from a home drunk video: boozing, sexy clothes, erotic moves. In the end this sexy Vanessa passed out in the bed where she literally crawled to. Then Libor took a last shot of all that Vanessa had drunk today. I'm sure you will forgive us for occasional technical imperfection, Libor is just an amateur cameraman. It still is a great addition to everybody's drunk video collection.

Customer comments on this video:
smokerise: "Home videos" offer more genuine fetish content than the typical "professional" episodes lately. And best of all, no dumbass games. [November 21, 2015]
Cthulu: the despscene with the swimsuit is one of the best i've seen! Vanessa is one of the top 3! awesome! thx! [April 28, 2016]