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Video - Miky - I am back! - November 30, 2016 [MyDrunkenStar]

Miky - I am back!

Miky - I am back!

Date: November 30, 2016
Length: 116 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - wasted - vomit - shower

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Miky is back! The project title is almost like from a cheap Hollywood movie but it's true. She likes challenges and contests - and we knew that. She wanted to surpass not only her previous performance but also performances of other girls. I won't talk much but I can guarantee this video offers all aspects of drunk behaviour in all the phases. From sobriety to light drunkenness, staggering, falling down, puking or pissing down off the stairs. For me personally this is one of our best MDS videos. If you like a girl who is literally drowning in a mix of her vomit and whipped cream, if you don't mind that she's dirty and her hair is wet from the content of her stomach... then Miky is here for you. Some of the close-ups are insane!

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Customer comments on this video:
azodrink: Incredible puking scenes. This is what I'm a member for! Just amazing... [November 30, 2016]
scutterman: 100% amazing. I love that game, more of the same please in future. I love how Miky tries to fight the alcohol effects. Best video yet!! [November 30, 2016]
dribbledre: Yes i agree about the game would be nice if more numbers had different drinks ie lowest money slightly weaker drinks highest money strongest drinks. [November 30, 2016]
SU-TR2107: Miky's back with a blast! So sexy and in an outstandig project, one of the best ever. A 100% rating is much too low for this indredible performance. [November 30, 2016]
dribbledre: Miky 's all we need now is Alice and Sophia on here trying to out do eachother. [December 02, 2016]
tijdritten4: great great scene very sexy girl ,good nice pissing ,good drinking, nice girl feet and puking great keep it up this way!! [December 03, 2016]
dribbledre: Would love to see more of her. [January 20, 2017]