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Video - Isabel & Anna - wasted lesbians - November 17, 2016 [MyDrunkenStar]

Isabel & Anna - wasted lesbians

Isabel & Anna - wasted lesbians

Date: November 17, 2016
Length: 94 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - vomit - lesbian

In this video I didn't just want to make two beautiful girls drunk. I wanted to go a bit more deeply, to give a soul to the drunk fetish theme. Drunkenness is not just about dancing to loud music but it's also about sexual fantasies. It was important to keep the girls drunk in various scenarios. Forest, bath, fooling around in sexy clothes and then suddenly a quiet romantic moment with candles. I wanted to keep them calm and then to make them crazy. And they were willing to accept what I prepared for them. But later? Drunk, totally wasted. Candles and romance were followed by puking on the road, puking from the car window, clothes dirty from spits and vomit. Then came a funny moment when Anna obviously had to push her turd back using her hand because her peeing was about to turn into something totally different! It was a massacre. You'll want to have this video in your collection ASAP. Download and enjoy!

Customer comments on this video:
dribbledre: Great video Anna is gorgeous . Would love to see her in a solo project where Isabel is your assistant feeding her drinks until she decides how drunk [November 17, 2016]
dribbledre: She wants her because she is going to look after her and decides she wants her toodrunk to be able top do much. [November 17, 2016]
tijdritten4: at last a video with two girls and good to, very sexy, good pissing , nice drunken girls , delic girls feet and puking thats why i,m a member !! [November 19, 2016]
frodo666: I really enjoy this video especially the really close cam scenes I love to see really close to a beautiful drunk girl. [November 21, 2016]