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Video - Sara - my dream day - March 23, 2016 [MyDrunkenStar]

Sara - my dream day

Sara - my dream day

Date: March 23, 2016
Length: 111 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - wasted - piss - wetting - vomit - smoking

What is your vision of your own DREAM DAY? It would be probably different to Sara's because she spent it drinking alcohol! We started filming around 10:45 AM and Sara kept boozing until the passed out in the evening. Our morning trip started in a public park where Sara decided she wouldn't go to school today - and that's when I arrived (with my bag packed with alcohol). It took her just ten minutes to drink 0.4l of sparkling wine and then she opened a bottle of 12% rose wine which accompanied us on our trip. Unfortunately the ZOO was closed so we visited the local funfair. Drunk Sara not only drove the electric car for kids but she was also shooting at targets with the air rifle. Then we hit her favorite pub where Sara ordered two shots of the Russian Standard vodka. In the apartment I prepared a special catwalk (for a short fashion show with five sets of underwear) and also ten shots of the Amundsen vodka and a herbal liqueur. There wasn't any soft drink available, she could wash the strong alcohol down only with wine. I think the result was excellent. I filmed a great project with some superb pissing scenes and a wetting experiment. Our promo video does not show the best part when confused Sara is running around to find a place to pee... just to pass out after a while, wet her pants and then fall asleep again. Highly recommended!

Customer comments on this video:
peecr48: Overall this is a good video, but the wetting portion is not as good as stated in the description [March 23, 2016]
dribbledre: Totally agree with peecr48 about the wetting scene very disappointing after big build up.Good video and good drunk girl. [March 23, 2016]
scutterman: Excellent video, this is what this site is all about, wasted girls, and what a body she has!! If you want pissing, go to the other site, lovewetting. [March 27, 2016]
mattshark: Scutterman, pissing is part of this site too. Lovewetting for me has the same issues with its scenes as this and WD imo too. [April 08, 2016]
petrelli: Really good video and wonderful girl! More Sara pls [June 28, 2016]