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Video - Martina - simply the best - February 28, 2016 [MyDrunkenStar]

Martina - simply the best

Martina - simply the best

Date: February 28, 2016
Length: 90 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - wasted - vomit - wetting - smoking

This video doesn't require any description. We think it's the best MDS project in our history. It will be available only for a limited period of time (due to Martina's request).

Customer comments on this video:
dribbledre: brilliant love the way she drinks for ten seconds she was so drunk. I would have preferred for lucy not to pull her trousers and knickers down [February 28, 2016]
dribbledre: When she started to wet herself and just left her peeing her trousers she started after all [February 28, 2016]
desTenyB5: Yes inded it's an awesome project. The close-up peeing scenes are hot and naughty. I also like the lesbian scenes, perhaps there will be more harder [February 29, 2016]
frodo666: For me stumbling is something very important. Great video, one of the bests for my taste. Yes, a second camera can help for more visuals. Great work! [March 01, 2016]
jean180274: A good video but, one question: Why did you undress her trousers when she started peeing. I think, she did it not on purpose. A missed chance, Sadly! [March 02, 2016]
andyhf: Martina is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen ! I like to watch her get drunk. But tipsy and giggly staggering drunk. Not sick. [March 02, 2016]
skeeter82: Finally a really drunk stumbling girl ! One of the best project ever ! It would be wonderful if all your models could be as drunk as she was. [March 03, 2016]
carpetpiss: ever so super gorgeous and charming Martina. this is definitely THE BEST!! simply love her doing all naughty things possible. top top top [March 06, 2016]
dribbledre: I think you should only help a girl with her clothes when she starts wetting if she makes an attempt to remove them herself. [March 06, 2016]
raphaelsux: good puking, please film more like this with the puking happening on camera. [March 15, 2016]
Cthulu: Holy Hell the desperation scenes are unbelievable awesome! Martina is one of the best for this, thank you and please do more!! [April 28, 2016]
nacia1980: Martina is so charming good looking model. This isn´t her best but a most have. I like when she speak and say "I love to drink, I´m an alcoholic" [July 04, 2016]
DrunkDuck: Incredible! Simply Amazing! Best Drunk Ride Scene Ever!!! From tipsy fun, to giggly drunk, to omg wasted, to passed out a matter of moments. [October 12, 2016]
dribbledre: Would love to see her again with a proper wetting this time and not somebody removing her trousers when she starts wetting. [October 16, 2016]
dribbledre: Could have been the best wetting ever but was stopped part way through. [October 17, 2016]