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Video - Susan - alcohol therapy - January 26, 2016 [MyDrunkenStar]

Susan - alcohol therapy

Susan - alcohol therapy

Date: January 26, 2016
Length: 91 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - smoking - wetting - vomit - shower

I got exactly what I wanted. After enormous persuading Susan finally accepted my invitation to this special therapy. I decided to solve Susan's problem with boozing. She misses what we call a "safety valve" - she is boozing without knowing her limits and my task is to make her drunk so much that she'll finally realize her problem. But how to do it? My first idea was a thermal shock - our project started in cold weather outdoors and then we moved into an overheated room. The effect was almost zero. So I used small spoons and small shot glasses to feed her with Jägermeister. Effect? Blurred vision and slow reactions. Finally I let her drink four more shots of Jägermeister but this time each of them had to be washed down with strong wine, not coke. Cigarettes, a bottle of wine and strong Jägermeister did a good job. Susan pissed on my furniture and on the floor, she puked and finally fell asleep. When she woke up I helped her get dressed but it was pointless. Susan knew she was in the bathroom but pissed into her (only) trousers before she fell asleep again - with wet jeans. TOP project.

Customer comments on this video:
dribbledre: Very good video . I like the idea of therapy [January 26, 2016]
epicure22: I agree dribbledre. And a real splendid wetting scene : i hope more like that [January 29, 2016]
wildwest63: Tastes may be different but Susan is the prettiest girl I've seen for years on WD. She's so pretty I even enjoy her when she is fully dressed. [January 31, 2016]
randy1977: should have expected you'd miss the vomit part... [February 28, 2016]
jean180274: Very sexy and a wetting scene ;-) , sadly with pants pulled down. [March 02, 2016]
mattshark: This is not wetting. This is peeing on jeans. Really not the same thing at all. [March 26, 2016]