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Video - Dee - 18-year-old wasted teenager - December 16, 2015 [MyDrunkenStar]

Dee - 18-year-old wasted teenager

Dee - 18-year-old wasted teenager

Date: December 16, 2015
Length: 93 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - wasted - vomit - smoking - passed out

To be honest, I don't know how to describe this project using just a few lines of text. Dee is the real QUEEN for me. She's absolutely gorgeous with her shiny eyes and raven black hair and she's excellent in boozing. She drinks in bars, at discos, in pubs with her friends. Dee is only 18 years old and enjoying her life to the fullest. Sometimes she overestimates her limits, at other times she somehow manages to get home before she gets wasted. Dee is extremely hot and her lolita body makes a perfect combination with the alcohol. We have a Czech proverb saying that "third is the best" - and I'm pretty sure this third project with Dee is the best of that trilogy and possibly one of the best MDS projects ever. Dee drank three flasks of Jack Daniels during the first ten minutes and continued with opening a bottle of Johnnie Walker. In the end she puked all over my toilet, pissed on my floor and I even think she enjoyed that! Outdoor scenes are basically a mixture of whiskey drinking, pissing, burping and farting by this lovely young girl. If you don't get aroused by the combination of cold weather and a teen lifting up her skirt and showing us her pussy, then there's something wrong with you! In the very end Dee made such a deadly cocktail of whiskey and coke that she puked and passed out. After two hours she was so disoriented that she kept asking me where she was. She couldn't remember anything from that evening. I drove her home. She was really drunk, totally devastated by the strong whiskey in her veins. Highly recommended video!

Customer comments on this video:
19cri40yag: Really extraordinary girl. Great project. A new and fantastic drunk star. [December 17, 2015]
ramade: sexy heels staggering - more of such great outdoor scenes - perhaps in jeans and heels :=) [December 18, 2015]
rejman6969: Dee never stops to amaze me with her beauty and her drinking power..would love to see her with "I love my jack Jane" [December 24, 2015]
50n40u5e: I love Dee, but she "plays" too much. She is far more in control than she makes us believe, she knows what DF fans want. Only partly authentic. [January 30, 2016]
raphaelsux: Make sure the camera can actually see her vomiting next time. [March 02, 2016]
irsvin: You should be more careful when girls are wasted. Especially in the bathroom, she could have hurt herself real bad when she fell. [June 03, 2016]
blahrks: Could you please bring her back? She's just the very best :-) [January 03, 2017]