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Video - Vanessa - wild card - November 06, 2015 [MyDrunkenStar]

Vanessa - wild card

Vanessa - wild card

Date: November 06, 2015
Length: 85 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - smoking - wetting

Please let me start from the very end this time. Earlier this summer I saw a funny scene - a guy was carrying his wasted girlfriend literally on his shoulders. And that was exactly what I wanted to achieve when I started filming this new MDS project with Vanessa. Vanessa's advantage is that she can booze liters of beer without worrying how much she has already drunk - she's one of our top drinkers. Unfortunately for her she picked the wine card. As you can clearly see the draw was filmed without a single cut and all the required alcohol (even beers) was ready in my fridge.

Vanessa was really good in wine drinking. She was boozing from bottles, glasses and even shot glasses. When we went out for a walk she was already drunk. We did a minor change and returned back to a different apartment. Drunken Vanessa was confused but didn't care. She was drinking at a fast pace, then wet her panties and luckily for me fell asleep shortly after she had become really annoying and aggressive. Her husband Libor was watching her the whole time and then after about 30 minutes he woke her up, dragged her to his car and drove her home. My goal was achieved! (Btw. this is a really hot project, be warned :-)

Customer comments on this video:
mattshark: Wetting would have been much better if she didn't pull her panties out the way :/ [November 07, 2015]
dribbledre: I liked this video but totaly agree with [November 07, 2015]
epicure22: completley agree with mattshark [January 18, 2016]