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Video - Dee - a day with wine - September 19, 2015 [MyDrunkenStar]

Dee - a day with wine

Dee - a day with wine

Date: September 19, 2015
Length: 81 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - wasted - smoking

Dee could become an alcohol superstar. She's young and her body can handle large amounts of alcohol well. According to her own words she doesn't usually have any hangover, on the other hand she's slim and alcohol has strong effects on the 48kg of her weight. In the first part of our planned trilogy we'll show you her fight with three bottles of wine. We didn't discuss whether to use red or white wine, I simply bought rose wine as a compromise. My strategy was simple - to start with four smaller bottles to make her drink 1 liter of wine. Then move to a pub and let her drink another bottle of wine with our assistant Terka (but Terka would just pretend drinking) and then another bottle during our trip to the apartment. Well, as always some things happened in a different way than I had planned but when it comes to this crazy Dee I'm somehow getting used to that. At first she didn't finish the fourth bottle - she opened the car window and simply poured the content on other cars behind us. Then she fled from the restaurant and we had to search for her. Then she was so drunk in the park that she almost couldn't walk... and when we finally got to the apartment she started masturbating and stopped responding to us. I assure you that none of that was scripted or agreed on before - in fact I decided to show this footage to Dee afterwards and she gave me permission to publish it. So what we have here is a crazy drunk 18yo girl, lots of pissing outdoors and indoors and almost no cuts. These are the attributes of this drunk project so let me just say one final word: ENJOY!

Customer comments on this video:
DrunkDuck: Absolutely Amazing! All the things we look froward too, all rolled into one sweet video. Great uncontrolled masturbating passout moments :) [September 20, 2015]
FermentedX: Really one of the best projects on MDS with a fantastic model. This is the kind of projects that really stand out and makes us want more. [September 22, 2015]
splas3: Dee is Exceptional. [September 26, 2015]
dribbledre: Great video i like the way dee seems to get a bit aggresive when drunk but always wants more . Hope she has at least one wetting in the next two vids [October 02, 2015]