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Video - Martina - the power of raspberries - July 28, 2015 [MyDrunkenStar]

Martina - the power of raspberries

Martina - the power of raspberries

Date: July 28, 2015
Length: 76 minutes
Price: 15 credits

Tags: drunk - piss - vomit - wasted - smoking

This project is really unique. The combination of the gorgeous miss Martina (with her new haircut) and 40% fruit liquor is really exciting. Martina just arrived back in Prague and encouraged by your numerous requests I decided not only to get her wasted but also follow her secretly on her trip back home, hidden behind cars and houses. Martina didn't pick any card this time, I simply bought her the traditional drink of her native county - 40% raspberry liquor. She was drunk (in a really cute way) after just twenty minutes of filming (the weather also sped it up, it was almost 40 degrees Celsius!). Martina drank five large shots of alcohol and staggered back to the apartment where she was told to pour and drink five more shots. Whenever she spilled the alcohol she had to take a piece of her clothes off. Wasted Martina was soon naked! That was the start of the end - she almost couldn't drink anymore and was just staggering around, peeing on the floor, falling down and standing up, spitting around and then she puked heavily. I had to drag her to the bedroom where she fell asleep for two and a half hours. After she got dressed I was (almost) secretly following her back to the railway station. She was really drunk and clearly attracted attention of many people on this sunny afternoon. Watch the amazing contrast between the first and the last scene. Raspberries can be really strong sometimes...

Customer comments on this video:
dribbledre: Very good she is truly very drunk . I like the looks on peoples faces when they see her that drunk. [July 28, 2015]
lalalalala: she's really chugging in a short period of time and funcking herself with alkohol. Love it. [August 02, 2015]
Vincent007: Just love her drunken staggering home. Take the long way home..... [August 03, 2015]
souris: Martina is a lovely and sexy glamourous girl and express a very good performance in drinking and staggering. According to me one of the best models. [August 09, 2015]
johneck: I have never seen anything as good as this. You at last are doing the stuff we want. I will stay forever if you do this more [August 10, 2015]
davy5gte: wooow [August 25, 2015]
raphaelsux: Why do you keep missing the vomit scenes? We could see practically nothing. [March 02, 2016]