Rise Awards Nomination

Date: January 19, 2017

RabbitsReviews who are holding their annual Rise Awards contest and trying to find out which site is the best. Are you willing to support us by nominating us? It would be a honor for us if you guys supported us by nominating our site - and of course, if we get to Top 5 or even win, it could be a huge boost for our future work.

All you need to do is fill in our site address (www.wdgirls.com or www.mydrunkenstar.com) into one of the fields at the nomination page. You don't have to do anything else. It's really that simple :-) I leave up to you which category you choose but I think Fan Favorite is the most suitable one.

Many thanks for your support!

Changes and improvements

Date: January 08, 2017

We have decided to do two major (and several minor) changes at MyDrunkenStar. I hope at least some of you guys will appreciate them :-)

  • WDGirls videos available for purchase - this is useless for our WDGirls customers who will hopefully stay our members to keep their access to all the loyalty bonuses (that's why the switch to this section is normally invisible for them) but those of you who want to download just one or two WDGirls videos can do it easily here at MyDrunkenStar now
  • Easier browsing - the video section now includes all videos at once without that annoying long pagination. I hope your browsing experience will be much smoother! :-)
  • Video details - each video now has its own page ("video detail"), for example this is Martina's latest video
  • Your downloads - videos you have already paid for are now marked by a green "check" sign so you can immediately see what you've already downloaded
These changes have been quite major so please bear with us in case you come across any bug. We will fix them immediately upon your reporting :-)


Streaming issues in iOS solved

Date: October 5, 2016

Some of our members have reported playback issues on iOS 10. We have no idea what the Apple developers changed (again) but we have decided to rework the whole system of playing videos, displaying images and pop-up windows. Everything should be now working flawlessly in all browsers and on all platforms. There's an option to switch between two different players in each member's profile (that's the "Member Info" link in the menu) but iOS members will be automatically offered the native player because there seems to be an issue with using the modern flowPlayer.

These changes have been made at both WDGirls and MyDrunkenStar a couple days ago. If you experience any issues please let us know. (But before you e-mail us please: (1.) try a different browser - Chrome is recommended, (2.) make sure you are viewing the latest version of the page by refreshing the page using Ctrl-F5).

Adding comments and reviews now possible

Date: May 21, 2015

You are now welcome to add a short and simple review to each video you download. There is a 150-character limit but it should be sufficient to let us know which video you liked so that we know what to film for you! (For obvious reasons you are not allowed to review videos you haven't downloaded :-)

You may have noticed there was no project published in the first half of May which is untypical - everything got delayed but don't worry, you will get your May project within a few days and we still have plans to publish two MDS/MPV projects every month ;-)

Brand new MyDrunkenStar and MyPersonalVideos

Date: February 1, 2015

Dear customers,

our recently redesigned pay-per-download website offers video projects which are all focused on the same topic: drunk girls and women. And it's the drunkenness which influences the behavior of our models. After four years of work in this field and having seen hundreds of girls in our projects I can say that alcohol wakes animal instincts in them. Everybody loves sex and masturbation but most of us would never do that in front of a camera. Some of the girls are too shy to even get naked. But after a couple of beers or shots of vodka everything changes. The girls are horny, naked and proudly present their intimate parts. They pee wherever they want and sometimes even wet their pants. Most of them pass out naked on the bed without having a clue what's going on.

All of that can be found on this website. Each project is different and reality is always preferred. We don't tell the models what to do - it's all up to them. We ask you not to spread these videos anywhere. We have reopened this community only recently and we don't want to be forced to close it again after a couple of months.

We have also united two drunk fetish sites into one - this pay-per-download site offers not only projects from MyDrunkenStar (featuring models you are already familiar with from WDGirls) but also projects from MyPersonalVideos (drunk videos shot by couples, lovers, married couples or two friends at their home parties).

We hope you enjoy the show!
Radek, the producer - on behalf of our team