Frequently asked questions

This is a pay-per-download site, not a website with membership that you have to pay for every month. The following explanation will give you an idea what it's all about ;-)

STEP 1 - check what we have for you

Just go to the preview page to see what videos we offer for download. Each video has a price tag and is accompanied by screenshots, tags, description and also a preview video. If you like our content, continue to STEP 2 ;-)

STEP 2 - buy credits

You can buy credits on the on the join page. The credit system is also handled by CCBill, the world's biggest adult payment processor so your money is absolutely safe ;-) For your comfort we have decided that 1 credit costs $1 - so you can easily calculate how many dollars you have to pay to download your chosen videos. If you run out of credits, just buy additional ones using the same username and e-mail address. Your account status will be visible in the menu once you log in.

STEP 3 - download videos, pay with credits, ENJOY :-)

There are basically just two types of prices (most projects cost $15 while some are available for only $9 to members of WDGirls) so calculations are very easy. If you download a project, the appropriate amount of credits is deducted from your account. Of course, if the download fails for some reason, you can download the same project again for free.

Contact us

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via this form. Fill in the last letter in the antispam field.
Please let us also know how you found our website. It will help us get more customers and film even better projects ;-)

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